• 片  名  《Adobe.PageMaker.Plug-in.Pack.v1.0.for.InDesign.CS》
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2003年制作发行: adobe
  • 类  别  软件
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Adobe.PageMaker.Plug-in.Pack.v1.0.for.InDesign.CS发行时间: 2003年制作发行: adobe地区: 美国简介:
    Adobe.PageMaker.Plug-in.Pack.v1.0.for.InDesign.CS是一款InDesign CS的一个插件包,里面为InDesign CS提供了8个常用的PageMaker插件,使InDesign CS和PageMaker有机的结合在一起 是InDesign CS用户不可缺少的好东东
    注意:安装此插件包需要把InDesign CS升级到3.0.1版本才可以.
    Adobe reg; PageMaker reg; Plug-in Pack software adds eight popular PageMaker features to the standard feature set of Adobe InDesign reg; CS software. It also provides in-depth training materials to help PageMaker users make the switch efficiently. The PageMaker Plug-in Pack ships with InDesign CS PageMaker Edition and with the Adobe Creative Suite; it is also available as a standalone download through the Adobe Store.
    Included PageMaker features
    Publication converter for PageMaker 6.0 files
    Convert PageMaker 6.0 documents and templates to InDesign CS format, and in some cases even fix damaged PageMaker files (with limitations). This capability expands the conversion support already in InDesign CS, which enables you to open PageMaker 6.5–7.x and QuarkXPress 3.3–4.x documents.
    InBooklet Special Edition plug-in
    Automatically rearrange a document s pages into printer spreads for professional printing with complete control over margins, gaps, bleeds, creep, and crossover traps — a process known as imposition.
    Bullets and numbering
    Automatically create numbered and bulleted lists that update dynamically when changes are made.
    Data merge
    Create customized publications such as direct mail pieces and catalogs from database information merged into your InDesign layouts.
    Position tool
    Resize and move images and their frames or reposition content in relation to frames using the handy Position tool, which works similarly to the Crop tool in PageMaker.
    Template Browser and professional template sets
    Jumpstart your projects with more than 80 templates created by leading designers. Use the Template Browser to browse, add, delete, and reorganize templates.
    PageMaker compatible keyboard shortcuts
    Work at peak efficiency by switching the keyboard shortcuts in InDesign CS to match the shortcuts you ve already learned for PageMaker.
    PageMaker toolbar
    Access commonly used commands through icons on a toolbar similar to those found in Adobe Acrobat reg; and Microsoft Word.
    Included PageMaker-to-InDesign training
    Online Help system and user guide supplement
    Refer to an online Help system and user guide supplement designed to answer how-to questions about InDesign CS from the point of view of a PageMaker user.
    The Adobe Designer Templates Guide
    Browse a guide to the professional templates included with the PageMaker Plug-in Pack. (An Adobe PDF version of the guide is accessible through the Template Browser.)
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